Smelly Bathroom Sink Drain Remedy

One of the most typical places in houses where foul smells may be found is in the drains of bathroom sinks. These scents may be brought on by a number of different things, such as the accumulation of soap scum, hair, toothpaste, and other material that can get caught in the pipes. The good news is that there are a number of simple solutions that may assist in getting rid of unpleasant aromas and maintaining a clean scent in your bathroom.

Reasons Behind Foul-Smelling Drains in Bathroom Sinks

  • Soap scum buildup
  • Accumulation of hair and various other detritus
  • Biological decomposition in the plumbing systems

Solutions for Foul-Smelling Drains in Bathroom Sinks


#1: Perform Routine Maintenance on The Plumbing.

Cleaning the pipes on a regular basis is one of the easiest and most efficient methods to avoid smells from forming in the bathroom sink. To do this, do this once a week: pour boiling water down the drain. This will help to loosen and eliminate any accumulation of soap scum, hair, and other debris in the drain. In addition, you may physically clear any obstructions that may be the source of the smell by using the usage of a plumbing snake in the affected plumbing system.

#2: Use Baking Soda and Vinegar

Utilizing a combination of baking soda and vinegar is yet another tried-and-true method for removing unpleasant scents from bathroom sinks. Pour one cup of white vinegar down the drain after you’ve done the previous step, which is to pour one-half cup of baking soda down the drain. After allowing the mixture to remain for fifteen to twenty minutes, rinse it with hot water. This combination will assist to dissolve any buildup that may have occurred in the pipes and will eliminate any scents that may have been there.

 #3: Use Lemon or Citrus Peels

The peels of citrus fruits like lemon, lime, and orange are natural deodorizers, and they may be used to help get rid of smells coming from the bathroom sink. You need just put a few lemon or orange peels down the drain and let them a few hours to sit there and work their magic. Citric acid, which is included in the peels, can assist in removing any bad smells and breaking down any buildup that may have occurred in the pipes.

#4: Clean The Drain Using a Product Sold in Stores.

If you would rather use a commercial solution, there are a number of efficient drain cleaners that are on the market that may assist get rid of aromas coming from the bathroom sink. When using these items, it is important to ensure that you safeguard both yourself and the environment by following the directions on the label and taking all other necessary measures.

Preventative Measures to Take for a Deodorized Sink Drain in the Bathroom


There are solutions that can be used to assist get rid of any scents that are already there, but there are also activities that can be taken to prevent bathroom sink drains from stinking in the first place. Consider the following advice for avoiding potential problems:

#1: Use a Drain Strainer

If you put a strainer in the drain of your bathroom sink, you won’t have to worry about soap scum, hair, or any other material making its way into the pipes. To ensure that the drain in your sink continues to work properly, you need just take out the strainer and clean it on a regular basis.

#2: Stay Away From Putting oil and Grease Down The Sink Drain.

Grease and oil have the potential to harden in the pipes, which may lead to blockages and foul smells. To keep from having this problem, you should steer clear of pouring oil and grease down the drain of the bathroom sink and instead dispose of it in the appropriate manner.

#3: Clean up any Spills as soon as possible.

Any toothpaste, hair color, or other things that have been accidentally spilled or splashed should be cleaned up as soon as possible to avoid the items from getting lodged in the pipes and generating unpleasant smells.

#4: To clean up After Each usage, use Hot Water.

After each usage, giving the sink a thorough rinsing with hot water will assist to clear out any material that may have been left behind and prevent the debris from accumulating in the pipes.


The elimination of unpleasant odors coming from the drains of bathroom sinks is a chore that may be achieved with the use of a few ordinary home objects or goods available for purchase. You can maintain the air in your bathroom smelling clean and free of unwanted scents by making the effort to clean the pipes on a regular basis and making use of one of these solutions.

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